Notes From An Artist

A Conversation With Ben Neill Pt 2

August 31, 2021 David C Gross and Tom Semioli
Notes From An Artist
A Conversation With Ben Neill Pt 2
Show Notes

Why are older music fans (and musicians) having a hard time grasping contemporary music? Among the many topics trumpeter / composer / recording artist / educator / producer / journalist Ben Neill discusses with hosts David C. Gross and Tom Semioli include the emerging role (and popularity) of timbre in modern pop compositions and  recordings in comparison to the standard elements of melody, rhythm, and harmony (“the sound is the hook!”); the effects of technology on music composition and consumption, the evolution (or de-evolution) of song-form, and the future of “live” performances, among other riveting subjects.

A Ben Neill Booklist...Highly Recommended!

David Byrne How Music Works

William Duckworth Virtual Music

Liz Pelly-blogger

John Cage-Silence

Terrence McKenna-The Archaic Revival 

Roger Shattuck-The Banquet Years 

Marshall McLuhan-The Medium is the Message

David Toop-Oceans of Sound 

Kyle Gain-The Arithmetic of Music

David Soldier-Music Math and the Mind

Ben Neill Pt 2 Playlist